Macho Man Meets Girly Boy

Macho Man Meets Girly Boy

 This recent incident hitting the airwaves about the football guy and the gay dude who posed as a girl got me to thinking. I mean, come on, how in the hell can a guy get duped that much? How could he be so stupid as to fall in love with a figment of his imagination? Is that sort of thing even possible? Sure it is.

I f you think about it how many of us actually know ANYBODY? At all? We THINK we know. We create an image in our minds as to the person we WANT to know. We do all sorts of things and say all sorts of things in order to prove to ourselves that we DO know this person, but . . . while we are sitting at the table giving her goo goo eyes while devouring that fabulous plate of spaghetti she just sat before us, she just very well may have loaded it with enough arsenic to kill a horse. This lovely meal may be our last meal.

“Would you like more wine dear?”

“No darling, I must have eaten too much. I’m a bit sick.”

Even then, after agonizing our way into the bedroom to flop on our death bed, the last thing we may ever do is motion her close and whisper from our dying lips. . . “I love you”.

After understanding all that I guess I kinda feel bad for the football guy, but not too awful much. He must be a pretty big dope to fall in love on Facebook, of all places, and spend two years in a relationship with a man posing as a women.

Now look at all the embarrassment and hurtful feelings he has to live with for the rest of his life. Because I can guarantee when he’s eighty years old, sitting in a restaurant eating lunch, some dude will walk up to his table with a big smile on his face and say “hey aren’t you the guy. . . ?”

Macho man so deep in love

With flame he found on Facebook.

Love at first thought,

he thought.

How could he know,

His lovely Venus

Wore silky panties

Over his stiff penis!


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