An American Hero

 Todd Beamer was a young, strong, American man when he entered the plane that sunny morning. He had no idea that fate was about to deal him a very hard hand.

He probably stuck his luggage in the rack, sat in his seat, said some nicety to the guy beside him and settled in thinking of the reunion he would soon be having with his wife and newborn daughter. A short time later he was introduced to unimaginable hell.

He called his wife to let her know his plane had been hijacked and they talked for about twenty minutes on the cell phone. She informed him about the Twin Towers and at that time Todd realized his fate had been sealed.

Todd’s life had suddenly been limited to only two choices…fight or flight. He could have chosen to cower in the rear of the plane, but instead he chose to fight. He may have prayed…but he also decided to fight.

He joked to his wife that he still had his plastic breakfast knife and he was going to go for it. She agreed, and he, along with two other passengers attacked. There were screams as the plane went down . . . then silence.

Todd and his two stranger/friends sacrificed themselves because they knew where the plane was heading. Were they scared? I’m sure they were, but when the time came they stood in the breach and went down fighting. They were not dying for a glorious cause, they weren’t martyrs, just three guys who decided if they had to die anyway they might as well fight back and try to save those waiting somewhere to be engulfed in a fiery inferno. This is a patriot, and this is what makes America great.

I pray that if any of my five sons or my grandson is unlucky enough to fall into a situation such as this, that they do the same. I pray that any of you young guys out there who find yourselves in harms way, do the same. Bar room rhetoric is one thing, but when the tunnel narrows, and it may, stand and be accounted for.

Todd and his friends have been nominated for the presidential freedom medal, they deserve it. Their families deserve it. There are many today that may have had their lives saved because of their action that fateful day when they were limited to two choices . . . fight or flight.

 Jim Walters




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