Writers draw from the same pool of thought. They re-arrange a given number of words to express themselves on subjects that have been touched upon thousands of times before . . . and yet each thought is unique, each original writing a little different from all others. Such is the way in a creation where the whole is truly greater than the sum of all its parts.
Perhaps by reading my philosophical meanderings you will generate a deeper thought of your own, or get a good laugh, regardless . . . the writings follow.

Self Preservation

Self preservation is the #1 motivational instinct in all life forms, including us. We are born with the instinct, live our lives steeped in it, and we die fighting to stay alive. That’s why the Christian bible say’s, “No greater love can a man have than to lay down his life for his friend.” Only love (or perhaps hate) can override the survival instinct.

As far as I know ours is the only species lazy enough to expect someone else other than ourself to help us survive. We look to leaders, governments, religious figures, magic . . . all sorts of stuff. Many times these “helpers”  hinder more than help, so instead of looking for help outside of ourselves and expecting someone or something to care for us, how about we get smart, look within, and realize we have been given the personal task of caring for ourselves?

Loving Jesus while stuffing our fat face with Twinkies may help us in the afterlife, but it sure as all hell will do us no good when our arteries collapse and we choke to death for  lack of oxygen. I don’t care how many prayer circles our wife belongs to. . . we did it to ourselves and we are gonna pay the price . . . period.

Since this site is basically for older guys and self defense I can believe that most of us here are already practiced survivors, else we would not have lasted the last 70 +- years on this planet.  My question to all of us survivors then is this: “Why quit now?”

Why retire and sit on our asses drinking beer, eating chips and watching some dumb ass show on the new flat screen TV when we have finally reached the time in our life when we actually NEED to stay in shape . . . when we actually NEED to be the proper weight . . . when we actually NEED to eat the right foods . . . when we actually NEED to get plenty of exercise. When did life sit us down and tell us it was now OK to get fat and lazy (and all the rest) and promise to take care of us anyways? If self preservation is our #1 instinct, don’t you think we ought to remember that in order to survive we have to start living like we realize it?

Most of us in this country build our lives in freedom and wish it on others as well. We love and care for our families and work hard to see their needs are met. We try to do what is right and we seek to live in peace.

BUT there are far too many in this country who have built their lives on taking and destroying, some are thugs, some are pillars of society, some become president, some get hung, but they all have pretty much the same MO . . .to take.. . . and many times the guys they take from are the elderly.

This is hardly the time to lay your burden down and think because now that you’re old people are going to feel sorry for you and care for you. They won’t. Truth is that in the real world,  people are too busy caring for themselves. You’re on your own brother, you better quit whining about your illnesses and get with the program because the next time you go shuffling through the Walmart parking lot you may be setting yourself up for a painful reality check. There are lots of punks out there who have you on their ‘easy target’ list. Time to get back in the game.

I want to help you, but I can assure you I don’t have all the answers. I am just sharing what works for me. You need to write your own book. Forget the teeth whitenings, the hair pieces, the manicures and the face lifts. Get healthy, balanced, and proud. . . . you’ll be pretty as you can be.

Macho Man Meets Girly Boy

Macho Man Meets Girly Boy

 This recent incident hitting the airwaves about the football guy and the gay dude who posed as a girl got me to thinking. I mean, come on, how in the hell can a guy get duped that much? How could he be so stupid as to fall in love with a figment of his imagination? Is that sort of thing even possible? Sure it is.

I f you think about it how many of us actually know ANYBODY? At all? We THINK we know. We create an image in our minds as to the person we WANT to know. We do all sorts of things and say all sorts of things in order to prove to ourselves that we DO know this person, but . . . while we are sitting at the table giving her goo goo eyes while devouring that fabulous plate of spaghetti she just sat before us, she just very well may have loaded it with enough arsenic to kill a horse. This lovely meal may be our last meal.

“Would you like more wine dear?”

“No darling, I must have eaten too much. I’m a bit sick.”

Even then, after agonizing our way into the bedroom to flop on our death bed, the last thing we may ever do is motion her close and whisper from our dying lips. . . “I love you”.

After understanding all that I guess I kinda feel bad for the football guy, but not too awful much. He must be a pretty big dope to fall in love on Facebook, of all places, and spend two years in a relationship with a man posing as a women.

Now look at all the embarrassment and hurtful feelings he has to live with for the rest of his life. Because I can guarantee when he’s eighty years old, sitting in a restaurant eating lunch, some dude will walk up to his table with a big smile on his face and say “hey aren’t you the guy. . . ?”

Macho man so deep in love

With flame he found on Facebook.

Love at first thought,

he thought.

How could he know,

His lovely Venus

Wore silky panties

Over his stiff penis!

Self Defense

The recent slaughter at a Connecticut grade school and the subsequent cry for gun control has left me in a bit of a quandary as to what would be the correct way to address this issue. More guns? Less guns? No guns at all? Do we arm the teachers? Do we police the schools? Do we just realize the hopelessness of it all, chalk it up to the cost of doing business in a free society and get on with it by doing nothing at all?

Personally I believe that the latter shall prevail. Obama will posture . . . the NRA will posture . . . The media will make lots of money flooding the air waves with their posturing, but in the final analysis, although their may be a half-assed attempt to ban military type weapons, everybody will ultimately concede to the fact that it is the cost of doing business in a free and open society and pretty much forget about the whole thing . . . until the next killing spree. Then, once again, the knee jerker’s will come out of the closet and blame each other for the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.

What to do? . . . What to do? . . . The sad fact is that neither side of the argument can handle the truth concerning what we need to do in order to get this country back on it’s feet. Because in the final analysis WE created this cesspool of violence and depravity we live in. This is what WE did with our freedom.

We didn’t become the arms dealer of the world over night. We didn’t become a society steeped in violence over night . . . and we damn sure aren’t going to escape the backlashes of this cluster fuck we have created overnight either. So what are we gonna do?

In the projects where I was born fists were used to resolve problems. Even amongst the adult men you’d occasionally see a donnybrook of a fist fight.

Us kids followed a strict pecking order where the toughest guy in the bunch ruled the roost. Everything you did or didn’t do applied directly to the position you held in that order. In the projects a guys reputation meant everything.

Today kids are no longer allowed to fist fight. No bullies. No pecking order. We have all grown above that sort of thing, haven’t we? . . . or are we just pretending. Seems to me that today every twirp with an attitude has access to a gun that he can use to make himself a tough guy. Today they fight with guns.

I grew up in the roughest neighborhood in the city yet I never saw a drawn weapon until I entered the military . . . rarely, except for my dad, did I ever see anyone use a club in a fight. We can say what we want about how far we’ve come from the post war days and how genteel we have become and bullshit ourselves into believing it, but under this thin veil of respectability we are not much different than our cave dwelling ancestors.

We dropped the Victorian (as well as the Queensbury) rules during the social changes of the sixties, but we must ask ourselves, Are we better off today with this new found freedom? Since I’ve actually lived in both eras I’d have to say, No, not really.

Oh, we’ve done some things right, women have benefited greatly because of the women’s movement . . . we’ve made huge advances in medicine and technology, but when it comes to the human condition I think we should have taken a deeper look before we opened the gates and unleashed hell upon ourselves. This freedom has not, it seems, helped us one bit when it comes to our evolution as a species.

Mass media has only used this freedom to bathe our kids in violence and pornography and pettiness.

The 2nd amendment, instead of freeing us, has helped create an environment where we live in more fear of one another than any time in our past recent history. . . (used to be a chicken in every pot . . . now it’s an arsenal in every home . . .)

Look what the sexual revolution caused . . . we got to have more orgasms, but at what cost?

So, instead of wringing our hands over another schoolhouse slaughter and coming up ultimately with no answer . . . what are we going to do now?

It’s time to really start thinking about all this stuff instead of pointing fingers and hatreds towards the opposition . . . because in all reality in order to be truly free we all need each other more than we need our pet assumptions. What we really need first is a reality check.

How about instead of manning up with weapons, we learn to be kind to one another. That’s a freedom also, and it’s really not that difficult.

How about we start by giving little Johnnie the word that it is NOT OK to sit in front of his computer for hours at a time playing war games.

How about instead of glorifying war we get real and tell our kids the truth about that most vile of institutions.

How about instead of little Johnnie learning about sex on some porn site on the Internet we figure how to keep his horny little ass off of it and start teaching him ourselves that a women is far more that a sex object.

How about also teaching little Johnnie that discipline IS necessary, that there ARE rules of engagement that we need to live by and how about we start enforcing a few of them ourselves.

In all good conscience . . . in the way things are in this country at this moment, if given the authority, I would not have the guts to ask any law abiding citizen to hand in his weapon.

How about we quit screaming about gun control and those who own them and start building a society where they won’t be needed.

We sure as hell can do it if we want to, we created this mess we live in today didn’t we?

We will change it one thought, one action, at a time. First within ourselves, later, if and when enough people get on the bandwagon, our society at large will shift towards that positive pole also.

Obama ain’t gonna do it . . . Jesus ain’t gonna do it . . . if it is ever going to get done WE are gonna do it.








In learning the art of story writing one of the first fundamental truths you are taught is to “show not tell” your story. This applies to practically any genre that you choose to write about. Merely telling a story, even if it’s a good one, puts you in danger of losing your audience before the second chapter because it will become boring to them, and boredom is a sure killer to a writer’s work.

To show the story as well as tell it has the power to draw your audience in and get them involved with your characters and the outcome of whatever plot line you have designed for them. All the great writers from Hemingway to Mark Twain used this principle in their stories.

Using ‘show not tell’ as an example I have recently realized another truth that we all should be aware of as we enter this holiday period and spend more time than usual with our family and friends. In our conversations with one another we must learn to talk TO the party involved and not AT the party involved.

There is a difference in including the other opposed to telling him. As an example we parents spend a lot of time telling our kids stuff, we talk at them. Talking at someone is an authoritative thing, it does not include listening or give and take. It’s basically loving the sound of your own voice and the truth of your own opinions so much that you are using your opponent as a sounding board rather than seeing them as a viable thinking person, perhaps just as smart and just as interesting as you see yourself to be.

If you find the goal of every conversation you enter is to come out on top you may have found the reason why so many others seem to be evading you. Family members have a tendency to go this way, but the same principle applies with friends, coworkers, even on line if your not careful your conversation becomes a military exercise.

How much better to talk TO that son or daughter, or brother or sister than AT them. How much better to include them in your story than just telling them?

Try it once. Ask a question or two . . . be really interested in what their reply is. Think about what they have to say instead of thinking your own talking points while they are talking . . . listen to them.

That’s what I’m going to start doing and maybe they’ll quit calling me a know-it-all?

Be Kind

Although we can be related by blood or formed into various groups, each one of us lives in our own reality and perceives this existence we all share a wee bit differently. Expecting others to share OUR reality has always been the major cause of conflict in this world . . . yet we continue walking this same beaten and worn out path throughout time . . . and the beat goes on.

If we want to learn something worth while perhaps we should drop the “leader” fetish and search within ourselves for the answers that are already there . . . and be KIND!
We will all gain far more from being kind than always being right.    

What Goes Around . . .

The man walked into his office and greeted his secretary, “Good morning Sally,”

“Good morning sir. Coffee?”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

She went out and returned with a cup of coffee and his daily schedule. She also handed him a rare memo from the boss which the man opened immediately. It contained an invitation to meet in the local eatery at noon for lunch.

WOW, he thought. I’m finally getting the promotion!

The man glided through his morning’s work until 11:45. He then left the building and walked the few blocks down 5th avenue until he reached the restaurant. He entered the posh atmosphere and allowed his eyes to adjust in the dimly lit room. His boss, already seated, raised his hand from the corner table and motioned him over.

During the long, amiable lunch, the man’s mind raced in anticipation. After cocktails the boss finally got down to it and said to the man in a very direct manner, ”I have some business I’d like to discuss with you”. The man waited patiently for the boss to speak.

“I hate to be the bearer of such news, but we have decided to move the entire company to Mexico where the business environment is more conducive to our profit margin. We are going to close down your department and . . . I’m saddened to say, you are being let go. There will be a handsome severance check waiting for you at the office in the morning, along with your last pay.”

The man, diving into an instant state of shock, sat there wearing a blank stare. He was speechless.

The boss quieted himself for a moment, then said, “Why don’t you just take the rest of the day off to digest all this? I’m truly sorry, but because of the political circumstances in this country, it was the only thing we could do. Your job will be filled by our Mexican counterpart and there is no place left for you in the company. I want to thank you for your twenty three years of good service and I want to assure you, we will do all we can to get you lined up with a new company if you should choose. Just call me if you need my help.”

The boss rose, shook the man’s hand, gave his condolences one more time, and disappeared out the door leaving the man sitting there staring out the window.


A year and a half later, the man had used up all his options. He’d finally, after much effort to do so, decided there was no job for a guy his age to be had. He’d spent most of his savings. He’d lost his home to foreclosure. His BMW was repossessed . . . and his wife had dumped him for a college professor.

With his life now in shambles, the man left his small apartment, packed up his old pickup with a sleeping bag and some books and drove into the city to join Occupy Wall Street.

Once there, he began to mingle amongst the thousands crying for change in a system that had gone mad with greed, and, for the first time in a long time, felt a spark of hope as he stood on the sidewalk in Times Square carrying a sign that read: . . . WE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE TOO LARGE TO FAIL!

At that moment, a well dressed, middle aged woman walked up to him, looked straight into his eyes and shouted, “You PEOPLE are disGUSTing! We flew all the way from Birmingham just to see this show and you PEOPLE are blocking the sidewalk.” She stopped, took a deep breath, and continued, “We’re going to be LATE for the openING! Why don’t you just quit all this nonsense and GET A JOB?!” A cop standing near by cleared a path for the lady and her friend. She gave the man one long, last, dirty look before scooting off to her show.

The man never replied to the lady. What could he say? He hung around for a while, but soon quietly walked back to the park and spent the remainder of the night on the ground in his sleeping bag.

At first light he packed his stuff, left the park, and made his way back to his vehicle. He drove out of town. When his gas gauge closed in on empty, he pulled off the free way, reached into the glove box, grabbed his pistol and without another thought, quickly blew his problems out the back of his head.


The lady who had berated him to get a job, of course knew none of this. Actually, after the incident she felt pretty damn proud of herself. “I sure gave that lazy asshole a piece of my mind.” she said to her lady friend.

“You sure did honey. He won’t forget that any time soon!” She chuckled.

The lady and her friend made it to the theater on time for opening curtain, watched the show, had cocktails after, and spent the night in an expensive hotel room. The following morning they jetted back to Birmingham and took a cab to their large homes in a gated community outside of town.

The lady’s husband was in the kitchen when she walked in the door. “ Hi honey”, she said. “What are you doing home? Why aren’t you at the office? You sick? You sure look it.”

“I’m so glad you’re finally home,” he said as he walked over to her. “I’ve got some bad news . . . I had lunch with the boss yesterday and . . . .

The First Marriage (yet another creation story)

In the beginning there was Intelligence and there was Energy….that’s all there was.

One day while traveling the Great Void Intelligence happened upon Energy.

Being enamored with Her shimmering beauty He knew He must have Her  . . .

He proposed………

She accepted……

Instantly the great marriage experience (later to be called the Big Bang) ensued.

When Intelligence and Energy became one their orgasm flung the seeds of Creativity throughout the Great Void.

The physical universe was formed, Stars, Solar systems, and the smaller planets appeared.

The Earth, being a favored child of the Two, was scattered with the seeds of a million creations, each one having the ability to reproduce and change evolutionary direction as seemed fitting to insure its survivability in the highly competitive environment.

You see…………..forget the religious/science debate……it’s all about SEX!